Good Morning, Everyone!

Hello boys and girls – I hope that you have all had a fantastic weekend, and that you are all ready to get back to your learning. This week we are going to be busy with Islands of Adventure – you might be finding out about real islands, or imaginary islands. I hope that you’ll have lots of fun!

Here is Mrs Lennox to get us started with our Monday morning assembly –

Then we have Mrs Westwood, who has made up a fantastic Community Challenge for us this week –

It is all about identifying trees and you can do it any day this week, right up to Friday. It looks great – thank you, Mrs Westwood! Here are all of the things that you will need –

A big ‘Thank you’ to Mrs Westwood, and to Mrs Lennox for getting us started with our learning this week. Have fun everyone! x

Alternative Maths

Hello everyone! Some of you will have already done some of the Maths worksheets for next week. Some of the videos are different, however. It might be a good idea to have another look, but I also have some other links that you might like to use alongside these, or instead of them. Enjoy!

Happy Friday, and some Happy Work – for next week!

Good morning everyone – next week is Islands of Adventure Week, and in Y1, that means that we will be doing lots of work about Where the Wild Things Are! I hope that you will like it – you will join in the rumpus, you will make a crown and you will design a private boat, just for you! Here is Miss Howells to tell you more –

Here are the links that you will need –


Next we have Mr Digby’s Friday Challenge –

Finally, I would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all of the children in school who have made my first week back at Cragside so happy, and so special – it has been lovely. I have had lots of smiles and waves, and Harry even made me a Welcome Back card, with his very best ever handwriting – thank you, Harry! I also received a postcard from Delphi at school this week, and that really made me smile – thank you, Delphi! It has also been lovely to talk to lots of you on the phone again this week – you have all really impressed me with how much you have had to say – thank you, to you all!

Girls and boys, we will all be back at school soon, but until then, keep enjoying your learning at home, and have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Love from Mrs Cormack xxx

Good Morning, Lovely People!

Hello everyone – it is Thursday again already! That means that we have Claire and Fiona, for singing and drawing. Claire’s song is a good one – it is called Here’s my House and Fiona has another super drawing activity for you – enjoy!

Also, it is time for Daily Challenge 4 from Mr Digby –

Mr Digby is SO very clever – how does he do it? We will just have to keep practising, girls and boys x

Storytime and News – from Yusuf, George and Benji!

Good morning everyone! Mrs Cordy has a lovely story for you today. I hope that you enjoy it. It is called WANTED! Ralphy Rabbit, Book Burglar!

Here is Yusuf , being an incredible inventor! He has lots of nails, and his hammer, too. Take care Yusuf! I really like how carefully Yusuf is concentrating on his inventions – good boy!

Then here he is at a family barbecue, one sunny afternoon last week. It looks good Yusuf, VERY good – mmm!

Then Yusuf’s mum told me that Yusuf really enjoyed Mr Digby’s Map Hunt at the park. Here he is, full of busy –

George decided that he wanted to make a robot unicorn that would help mummy with all of her jobs – how very kind of you, George!

George was really into his Maths again last week –

Fantastic work, George!

Finally Benji had so many ideas last week, for his new inventions. He thought that it was lots of fun, and his favourite was his DIY robot –

He also lost another tooth, and enjoyed finding all the answers to Mr Digby’s Map Hunt!

Great stuff, Benji!

Oops, I nearly forgot again – I need to give you Mr Digby’s Wednesday Challenge! Here it is, and I think that you need a toilet roll –

Enjoy, and back tomorrow, everyone x