Last Day!

Oh dear, girls and boys, can you believe that it is our last day, before the Summer holidays? Can I just say that I have LOVED being your teacher this year, and I am so proud of you all – you are AMAZING! I know that your new teacher, Miss Topley is really looking forward to working with you, when you come back to school in September. She is a very lucky lady!

Today is our day with Claire. She says –

It’s a song about transport, and I made the video with my nephew James who thought up lots of interesting ways for his toy zebra to travel about. So the video is supposed to encourage children to play and invent things at home, as well as to think of what different kinds of transport there are.

Now take a look at Julia, and her fantastic work –

Clever girl Julia, and ‘Happy Birthday’ to you, on 9th August – we hope that you have a lovely day!

We also need to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Arshan on 19th August –

Have lots of fun, Arshan!

I hope that you all have a lovely time with your families this summer, and I cannot wait to see you all back at school in September!

Stay safe, be good, and lots of love from Mrs Cormack xxx

Double Storytime and Catch Up!

Good morning everyone – we have two stories this week! Mrs Hetherington has the first one for us – it is a Julia Donaldson story, and it is one of Mrs Hetherington’s favourites. It is called Jack and the Flum Flum Tree.

Our second story is read by our new teacher at Cragside, Mr Wolff. It is an old favourite – Burglar Bill, by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

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Thank you to Mrs Hetherington and to Mr Wolff!

Then I need to say ‘Well done’ to some of our 1LC friends –

Yusuf really enjoyed Mrs Westwood’s challenge at Paddy’s last week, and he found out all about trees and their leaves – good boy!

Then George had a great time with all of Mr Digby’s challenges –

Lila climbed a mountain – yes, I did say that!! –

What an amazing challenge, Lila – clever girl! Not only that, Lila knew that the mountain she climbed was in the Lake District, and that it is called Scafell Pike – wow!

Finally we have Jason and Ava having fun in the sea –

Isn’t it great to see what everyone is up to? Thank you, children – talk tomorrow x

Last Week of Term Community Challenge

This week, it is Miss Frobisher’s turn to do the Community Challenge! Linked to our Carnival Week, and to celebrate ‘Cragside: Together and Apart’, we are going to revive The Chiming Tree in Paddy Freeman’s, by the pond. The Friends of Paddy Freeman’s has agreed that we can decorate the tree. Check out the document below as to how you get involved. If we work together, the tree can become magical again. 

This looks fantastic, doesn’t it? I hope that you all really enjoy this very special challenge, and a very big ‘Thank you’ to Miss Frobisher for getting this sorted for us all.

Here is our Monday morning assembly, and it is lovely Miss Howells again, this week. Thank you, Miss Howells! Enjoy x


Good morning everyone – here we go for our final week of learning in Y1. It is all about carnivals and celebration, and I hope that you all have a lovely time finding out all about it! There are some super things for you to do – enjoy!


Have a fantastic weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday with our final Community Challenge – it is a really special one, and I know that you will all LOVE it! x

It’s Thursday Already!

Can you believe that children? The weeks go so quickly when we are having fun, don’t they? Today it is our day with Claire and Fiona.

Claire has a lovely video and song for you – enjoy!

Here is Fiona’s activity for this week – I hope that you enjoy it!

Finally, I need to say ‘Sorry’ to Jason. His mum sent me a picture that I didn’t find in time for our Wednesday round up of work, so here it is –

Great work, Jason! Your model is so busy – it must have taken you a very long time. Well done to you – you look so proud!

Back tomorrow everyone, to tell you all about your work for the last week of term x

Wednesday Storytime!

Good morning boys and girls! I hope that your week is going well, and that you are enjoying all of your learning. We have Mrs Westwood with a lovely story for you today. It is called I’ll Wait, Mr Panda –

Thank you, Mrs Westwood!

Then we have my favourite part of our blog – seeing what some of the children in our class have been up to, over the last week.

Benji is going to start us off this week –

Benji really enjoyed the activities on Mr Digby’s Sports Channel last week. He loved practising his catching and he had fun having a try at the daily challenges! Benji was the first person to manage to do the teabag one in his family – clever boy, Benji! He also made salt dough medals, and played blow football and table tennis! Great stuff, Benji!

Meanwhile, Izzy and her little brother have been spending a lot of time capturing, then releasing minibeasts at the Rising Sun.  They found frogs, sticklebacks, pond lice, water-boatmen and all sorts of creatures that they couldn’t identify!

Well done, Izzy – what a fantastic time you had!

Next we have Julia, who has enjoyed her English work during Sports Week

I love your illustrations and your joined writing, Julia!

Great stuff! Also, a big ‘Thank you’ from me, to Julia for the lovely postcard that was waiting for me when I got to school on Monday morning. It made me smile because it had a little old lady on the front, holding her cup of tea, and along the bottom it said – Time for Tea! That made me very happy, Julia – thank you!

Finally, we have Yusuf who enjoyed all of his Sports Week activities, last week –

Yusuf was busy with all sorts of different sports – jumping, running, climbing, going for adventures, walking ,riding his bike,  trying some of Mr Digby’s Sports Challenges and playing badminton. Wow, Yusuf – what an impressive list!

Very well done to all of the children at home, and to all of the children at school – you are all doing great! Have a good day, and talk tomorrow x

Good Morning, Everyone!

Hello boys and girls – I hope that you have all had a fantastic weekend, and that you are all ready to get back to your learning. This week we are going to be busy with Islands of Adventure – you might be finding out about real islands, or imaginary islands. I hope that you’ll have lots of fun!

Here is Mrs Lennox to get us started with our Monday morning assembly –

Then we have Mrs Westwood, who has made up a fantastic Community Challenge for us this week –

It is all about identifying trees and you can do it any day this week, right up to Friday. It looks great – thank you, Mrs Westwood! Here are all of the things that you will need –

A big ‘Thank you’ to Mrs Westwood, and to Mrs Lennox for getting us started with our learning this week. Have fun everyone! x